Introducing SACAI

SACAI, established in 2012, is a non-profit company that provides National Senior Certificate (NSC) assessment services to a diverse range of educational institutions.

The Institute is value driven and its vision is to provide accountable and affordable assessment and examination services to all institutions that strive to achieve excellence in education.

SACAI subscribes to and meticulously complies with the prescripts of the NSC curriculum as determined by the Minister of Basic Education, currently referred to as the CAPS curriculum.

SACAI’S candidates who write and pass the NSC examination in Grade 12 are issued National Senior Certificates by Umalusi, the Quality Council responsible for the sub-framework General and Further Education and Training of the National Qualification Framework (NQF).

Furthermore, candidates that meet the relevant requirements are accepted by South African tertiary institutions for further study.

 SACAI as part of the South African Education System

SACAI is one of two independent assessment bodies in South Africa that, together with the Department of Basic Education, function within a regulatory framework determined by the SA Government.