March 2023 Edition

SACAI had its first-ever celebratory function to honour the candidates and institutions for their outstanding achievements. The SACAI 2022 NSC candidates had a pass rate of 72%.

December 2022 Edition

The conclusion of the ABET and NSC October/November examinations signals the end of the year. This provides the opportunity to slow down and reflect on the year in the rear-view mirror as well as the road ahead. 2022 can be categorised as having highs and lows.

August 2022 Edition

Celebrating Women in SACAI and deconstructing the status quo of undermining women.

May 2021 Edition

In this edition of the newsletter, SACAI would like to celebrate women in education. Women have contributed substantially to education for many years. From early child development to teaching, lecturing, and leading pivotal research in many disciplines promoting advancements in the development of humanity and its habitants. 

November 2021 Edition

SACAI offers candidates the opportunity to obtain qualifications ranging from Grade 0 up to a National Senior Certificate or a FET Qualification.  

July 2021 Edition

Interrogating distance education to out-of-school learners in the post-compulsory schooling phase in South Africa: A national and international perspective.

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