NSC Department

SACAI Registered Institutions

Two types of Institutions:

Umalusi accredited Independent Schools that offer the NSC Qualification to learners in the FET Phase (Grade 10 – 12).

Distance Education Providers (including repeater centres) that offer the NSC Qualification to distance learners in the FET Phase (Grade 10 – 12).

Exam Timetables

2023 NSC Final Exam Timetable: Being released 4 September 2023


May/June Results Announcement: The May/June NSC Examination is regarded as a standalone, full examination which has been in effect as from May/June 2022. The registrations for this examination closed on 24 February 2023. Click here to view the Examination Timetable.

Application Forms

National Policies

National Protocol for assessment (Grades R – 12).

National policy pertaining to the programme and promotion requirements of the national curriculum statement (Grades R – 12).

NSC Frequently Asked Questions

If something is unclear, please read through our FAQ’s.

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