Who should join SACAI?

SACAI registers diverse kinds of institutions that provide educational services to Grade 10-12 learners. SACAI’s client base includes both formal independent schools and independent education institutions other than schools that cater for learners with specific needs, e.g. those requiring distance education.


Bilingual Question Papers

Question papers for all subjects, except the language subjects, are made available in both English and Afrikaans.

National Senior Certificates

Certificates are issued by Umalusi to candidates who have complied with the relevant requirements. These are equivalent to those based on the NSC examinations conducted by the other assessment bodies.

Support to teachers
  • CAPS prescribed School Based Assessment (SBA) tasks are set by designated teachers.
  • Support material and services to clients are made available in English and Afrikaans.
  • Informative communiqués provide continued guidance and feedback, keeping SACAI clients informed of all aspects pertaining to successful assessment practices.
  • Contact sessions are made available, allowing SACAI to interact with its clientele and augmenting a more personalised dimension to its services.
  • Accessible personnel guarantee professional, skilled and effective service delivery.
  • Subject specialist availability allows for informed responses to subject-specific queries.
  • Training is provided for teachers and school managements when necessary.
  • SBA moderation feedback ensures CAPS compliance and delivery of quality teaching and assessment.
Teacher support guides are made available to all clients

These guides consist of:

  • Subject and Examination Guidelines
  • Detailed Year Planning
  • Assessment Programmes
  • Mark Sheet Templates
  • Moderation Forms
  • Exemplar SBA Tasks and Memoranda
  • Practical Assessment Task Guidelines
Support to learners
  • SACAI provides Grade 11 end-of-year as well as Grade 12 preliminary examination papers which prepare learners uniformly and on an equitable standard for the final Grade 12 NSC examinations.
  • Carefully crafted Learner Support Guides home in on problem areas and provide additional activities, hints and preparatory examination orientations.
  • Winter school and subject-specific sessions afford learners opportunities to hone their knowledge and skills in preparation of the NSC examinations.
  • Fine-tuned examination papers, set by experienced panels, are reflective of the assessment criteria of credibility, reliability, validity and integrity.
  • Examination panels are appointed from a national basis to ensure that standards are upheld, and that all papers are aligned to the relevant CAPS criteria,
  • All final examination papers and memoranda are moderated and approved by Umalusi.
  • A network of examination-writing centres has been established across the whole of the country ensuring that candidates can be accommodated in non-disruptive, familiar environments when writing their NSC examinations.
  • A centralized marking and moderation venue at SACAI’s head office ensures consistency, uniformity and standardisation of the marking and moderation processes.
  • Examination papers and memoranda are made available in both English and Afrikaans.